Badass Bride

Badass Bride

12 workouts ranging from 30-45 minutes to get you ready for your big day! These workouts have been hand crafted by all your favorite Digital Studio trainers to bring you the most well rounded takedowns. Go at it alone or grab your partner, family, bridal party or pet to join in on the party. To complete these workouts you will need a variety of weights and a loop band.

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Badass Bride
  • Cardio

    A 30 minute cardio challenge to get your heart rate pumping and just have some fun while you move. Grab your wedding party for this one.

  • Core

    A 30 minute core focused challenge using a light loop band and light weights.

  • Lower Body

    A 45 minute lower body strength so you can strengthen your legs to get low on your big day.

  • Full Body

    A full body bridal takedown in 40 minutes. Grab a variety of weights.

  • Ebb+Flo

    A 30 minute Ebb+Flo to get you moving as things get crazy leading up to your big day.

  • Full Body

    A full body challenge to hit it all as you gear up towards your big day. Grab a variety of weights.

  • Upper Body

    This upper body focused class will incorporate moves from High+Tight to burn out your upper body.

  • Cardio + Core

    A 45 minute cardio + core banger as you count down to your wedding day.

  • Ebb+Flo

    A 30 minute lovers flow that you can share with your friends/family anyone that will be celebrating you on your big day.

  • Lower Body Strength

    A 30 minute lower body challenge for our brides to be. Grab heavy weights.

  • Arm Cardio

    A 30 minute cardio challenge using light weights that will hit cardio and cardio ARMS! Bridal.

  • Upper Body Strength

    A combination of High+Tight and Control style moves for the ultimate upper body wedding prep. Grab a range of weights.

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